Collaboration Wednesdays

When you first start out on the journey of starting your own business you imagine all of the great stuff about it. Indulging in your passion, flexible working hours and being your own boss. That is all part of it, but what you don't always realise is how isolating it can be, especially if you are an independent sole trader. With there being two of us in the business we are lucky that we have each other to bounce ideas off, support with each others weaknesses and pick up extra workload if the other is unable to. Even with all of this, we still sometimes have questions we are unable to answer.

Coming from a background of careers with major fashion retailers we were used to there being someone to cover each and every little job within a business. Finance, marketing, social media, events, buying, sales, promotions, website development, packing, shipping, they were all there. When you are on your own you have to do all of these things and become an expert in them all. It can be hard when you don't know and don't have anyone to ask either. 

Because of this we decided to create our collaboration evenings. These evenings give us and other small businesses the opportunity to ask questions of each other and also share each persons own knowledge and expertise. Sharing best practice, helping each other succeed and creating a community so that you don't feel like you are out there on your own. 

We recently held our first evening which had a great uptake. Where possible we will also try and enlist the advice of a professional for the evening. For the first event Lisa King of Lisa King Consultancy came along to discuss all things marketing, social media and websites which is always a topic that we get asked about a lot. The evening was so successful that we now have our second Collaboration Wednesday session booked in. 

If you would like to join us on the next session you can book your ticket online here. The date for the next session is 7th June and it will be held at Odd John’s Kitchen in Quorn. The ticket price includes tea and coffee and the obligatory cake. You can’t talk business without cake! 

We hope to see you there!


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